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Reduction of Expenses / Mitigation of Loss

Reduction of Expenses / Mitigation of Loss

There are many trading units, manufacturing companies, servicing firms which starts with an objective of making profits and generate employment but runs into incipient sickness, losses and ultimately erodes its capital. they become defaulters and become NPAs.

When they avail loans from banks/FIs they become defaulters. some times they close the unit and become insolvent. Many times the reason for this may be mismanagement, non utilization of desired capacity, heavy undesirerable overheads, working capital problems, marketing problems, heavy bills receivables, improper cash management, technological obsolescence,  raw material non availability, abnormal increase in cost of raw material compared to finished products, etc host of factors.

We shall try to coordinate/ assist Entrepreneurs who have made loss in business in identifying the Reasons for loss and will try to suggest remedial measures and at our discretion. At our discretion we can also implement suggestions to ensure that Losses are covered over a period of time gradually.

We try to assist you in this regard to find ways to make your business viable by trying to analyse the reasons for losses.  The solution may be in arranging proper supply of working capital, reduction in overheads, trying to arrange for marketing, increasing capacity utilization, trying to arrange further loans subject to eligibility, etc. Once we receive your request we will find out  We will at our discretion can assist you in solving the problem. Once we decide to try to assist you we with the help of our associates and discussions with you   try to find out the solution to reduce the losses and work out to find out break Even point level and when it can reach bep and gradually and make profits gradually over a period of time.

In case it is not possible we shall Inform you accordingly.

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